Oracle Review part 2: Oracle of Ages (Just in Time)


So it’s still Tuesday in America you guys. That means I’m in time to post the Oracle of Ages review for Take me Back Tuesday. Let’s go.

This review will be short because for the most part, the game compares to the likes of Oracle of Seasons. In fact, the things that are similar are the following: visuals, gameplay mechanics and the different terrain with animal buddies. This review will talk about what makes it different and why it may be the more superior version.

Story and Gameplay

Oracle of Ages Nayru

This time around Link is going against the likes of Veran who has taken control of Nayru, the Oracle of Ages. You must travel through Labrynna collecting songs and items to allow you to travel more freely around the lands. A big part of the game that makes it so intriguing is that you can change parts of the present by traveling to the past and changing things. This means that there are two almost completely different lands, unlike Oracle of Seasons where there were 4 slightly different lands. Items were just as cool in this adventure. One allows you to switch places with specific objects on the screen, making for greater puzzles.

One thing that makes Oracle of Ages sort of a nuisance is the button scheme for swimming once you obtain a mermaid suit. Repeatedly pressing the directional buttons propel you through the water, but this can get tedious and cause cramps in your hand, especially during the water dungeon. This is the only flaw, but it can be overlooked because of the circumstances the game was made under (limited buttons on the Gameboy Color).

On the other hand, the game is vastly superior to its counterpart. There was a lot more interaction between people of the land, and a lot more work needed to be done between dungeons to get there, making each part of the game feel satisfying. You’ll feel like you deserved everything throughout the game because of this. In addition, each boss fight was much more challenging. The final boss fight takes more effort and you’ll need to learn more patterns to fight her. There’s even a boss fight with a puzzle in it!

Something that stands out also is how many parts of Ocarina of Time this game follows. This is true for Oracle of Seasons too, but it’s not as noticeable. This can be good or bad depending on your preference.

Pros: Cons:
-Some of the coolest items in a Legend of Zelda game as well -Relies on elements of Ocarina of Time.
-Game always on a satisfying level -Mermaid suit has tedious controls.
-Replay value is very high when considering the game can be linked to increase the amount of content, and two game files can be totally different with or without having a linked game.
-Only 6 dollars
-Switches up the items, puzzles, and story enough to make it feel completely fresh compared to other Legend of Zelda games
-Side quests are fun enough to keep you playing outside of just the main story line


The Acosta Statement

Don’t let time pass without playing this Legend of Zelda game. It gives more of a challenge than Oracle of Seasons.


You can find the Oracle of Seasons review here:

Also, for anymore information about Oracle of Ages, you can check this site:

Oracle of Ages Meme


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